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The Adverse Impact Humans Have On Species Diversity

Summary:Until reading Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, I didn’t realize the devastating adverse impact pre-industrial humans had on species diversity. Pre-industrial humans reduced (and continue to reduce) species diversity through hunting, agriculture, and protection of their domesticated animals. Thus for other life forms on Earth, simply reducing industrial impact is not sufficient. Other species are best protected in large land preserves free of any human development. Such preserves can be economically sustainable through eco-tourism. Pre-Industrial Humans’ Impact On Species DiversityPrior to 45,000 years ago, there were no humans in Australia. Australia then had 24 "megafauna" animal species weighing 100 pounds or more. Very soon after humans arrived in Australia, 23 of those species and a number of other smaller species became extinct.

Ray Grigg wrote a nice summary of Harari’s account of humans’ adverse impact on other species:

“ ‘Food chain…

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